Scott Nielsen

Scott is a multimedia artist, sound designer, musician, composer, performer, instrument builder, and audio engineer from San Diego, California. Scott has taught courses in the Audio/Recording Arts, Computer Music, Sound Design, and Sound Synthesis at Miramar College, DePaul University and the Illinois Institute of Art. In addition to teaching, Scott has kept up a busy schedule. His Sound Designs for theatre have been heard at the Yale Repertory Theatre (New Haven, CT), The Victory Theatre (Chicago, IL), The Merle Reskin Theatre (Chicago, IL), the North Park Theatre (San Diego, CA), as well as in various storefronts, warehouses and other non-traditional theatrical spaces around the country. Scott’s sound installations and experimental performances have been experienced at the Yale Art Gallery (New Haven, CT), Five Funerals at The Charnel House (Chicago, IL), San Diego Art Institute, Space 4 Art (San Diego, CA), The Carlsbad Music Festival (Carlsbad, CA), the San Diego Experimental Guitar Show (Stay Strange SDXG), Low Gallery (San Diego, CA) among many others. Scott currently performs regularly in the experimental Audio/Visual ensemble Die Mißbildungen Des Menschen, and with his Harmonics Guitar in a collaborative duo with Michael Zimmerman, and his own solo works.