Ashley Capachione

Ashley is a sound artist, video artist and electronic music producer. A Boston, Massachusetts transplant, she began recording experimental electronic music under the project name BATHAUS after finding sonic influence in New England’s sacred spaces and historical structures. Her current project, Helixhand, continues to dissect and revision spiritual connectivity, ritual and folklore within an audiovisual practice. She’s released music under Phantasma Disques, Cleopatra Records, Apothecary Compositions, Haute Magie Records and Unspeakable Records. She has performed solo and collaboratively at SXSW, Together Festival, Discwoman NYC, Evlv tech Fest, The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston and The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Her music has been noted for its atypical layering of samples as well as a wide array of influences ranging from industrial, techno, ambient and lo-fi. Capachione is the co-founder of Substructure Boston, an electronic music series and platform showcasing underrepresented artists and inspiring women to positions of power.